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Robin Radcliffe

Assistant Adjunct Professor Clinical Sciences
Clinical Sciences
Research Areas: Conservation medicine, health training and field research partnerships; endangered species; rhinoceroses of Indonesia and Africa

The Cornell Conservation Medicine Program is focused on providing health and research support to conservation programs with a focus on the endangered rhinoceroses of the world. Our laboratory is immersed in the field settings of Asia and Africa—key partnerships with Cornell veterinary college professors and other professionals in a variety of disciplines help bring the best science to the field of conservation medicine while local partners provide significant collaborative training experiences, educational opportunity and enthusiasm. We build local capacity through training and education of professional students and field veterinarians. Our work is applied and practical with the aim of bringing solutions to realworld problems that are affecting the health and conservation of endangered populations of rhinoceroses and species that share these rich and biodiverse environments.

Current research and education projects in wildlife conservation include:

  • Managing disease risks and improving livestock health to secure the future of the endangered Javan and Sumatran rhinoceroses; Indonesia
  • An investigation of the adverse affects of capture in free-ranging black rhinoceroses; Namibia
  • Cornell University Summer College course, “Conservation Medicine: A Veterinary Perspective”
Robin Radcliffe