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Cornell offers degrees and courses that are relevant to wildlife conservation. These range from undergraduate courses and majors to specialized training in graduate and professional programs. 


Applications for Summer College Student Fellowships at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Conservancy are due on February 28th, 2013. Research opportunities are available in the areas of Applied Animal Ecology, Behavioral Biology, Conservation Education, Genetics, Applied Plant Ecology, Reproductive Physicology, and Wildlife Disease Laboratories/Molecular Diagnostics. Fourteen college students or newly graduated students are invited to do research for 12 weeks through the Institute. More information is available on the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Conservancy website.


Cornell offers multiple professional programs that approach wildlife conservation in different ways. These are found in such diverse settings as the Johnson School for Business, the Law School, and the College of Veterinary Medicine. In addition, multiple units also offer Masters in Professional Studies degrees. Please visit the web site appropriate for your specific interests.


Graduate education at Cornell is organized by Graduate Fields.  These are inter-disciplinary and therefore can spread across departmental and College units.  For information about graduate programs at Cornell, please visit

For information regarding the Joint Graduate Training Program between the Field of Zoology & Wildlife Conservation and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, please see Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Office of Graduate Education for more information visit